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1928 Ford Model A Hot Rod Powered by BMW V8 Engine | Video

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An avid BMW enthusiast, Mike Burroughs, turned heads in the import car scene with his rat rod inspired chop-top BMW E9. Completely rusted body and slammed stance gave it a menacing aesthetic, and let’s not forget the shark face decal on the side of the car. Burroughs sold the iconic vehicle and started a new project over a year ago. Picking up this 1928 Ford Model A through Craigslist, he began a new project, envisioning a totally unique car. As a BMW guy, Burroughs decided to keep the heritage of the American automobile, but transplanted a 4.0-liter V8 engine from 1995 BMW 740. There are too many details to speak of on here, yet the whole story can be found on STANCE WORKS. If you just want to hear this beast roar, click play on the video below.