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Nike SB - Skate Safari Tours featuring the PROD 7

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Visitors to Los Angeles can embark on the city's many celebrity tours, or they can get on the bus for Skate Safari Tours, led by expert tour guide Dick McNichol (who bears a suspicious resemblance to Workaholics' Blake Anderson). Skate Safari Tours offers a snappy seven-hour expedition into the depths of the concrete jungle, where the world's top skaters can be seen in the wild. As the following short film attests, guests might spot the likes of Nike SB pros Gino Iannucci, Shane O'Neill, Theotis Beasley, and Eric Koston. They may even catch a glimpse of Paul Rodriguez -- sporting a pair of the upcoming Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 7 -- as he completes a perfect switch hardflip down a triple-set of stairs. Check out the video below, and go here to pre-order your pair of Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 7s.