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Born Sinner vs. Yeezus - J. Cole Goes Toe-to-Toe With Kanye

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If you were even remotely plugged into the world of music this week, everything you've read or heard has unquestionably been overshadowed by the release of "Yeezus". While this would be a deterrent for most, in a bold move, J. Cole decided to move up the release date of "Born Sinner" and go toe-to-toe with Ye.

Before everyone goes crazy about this, J. Cole is not carrying around a giant killer mentality, he knows where he stands in terms of celebrity and mass appeal, but that doesn't mean he can't drop a quality album.

Speaking with Sway on "RapFix Live", J. Cole explains, "This is an art, and I can't compete against Kanye West celebrity and the status that he'd earned from being a genius [...] But I can put my name in the hat and tell you that I think my album is great and you be the judge and you decide."

Since last week's leak, Kanye has been racking up a plethora of positive reviews, with some holding up the work as his best album to date. Ultimately, this is an uphill battle for J Cole, but friendly competition never hurt anyone.

MTV projections have Kanye selling up to 380,000 copies in the first week; and J Cole's "Born Sinner" closing in on 300,000.

Check out video from "RapFix Live" below.

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