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Fujifilm X-M1 Digital Camera | Preview

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Unlike in the world of international politics, this is the good kind of leak. (At least for relatively new photographers looking for a more powerful way to gain experience behind the viewfinder.) These are the first shots of Fujifilm's "entry-level" X-M1 X Series Digital Camera, which was outed recently ahead of its expected official launch next week. Because all we have are pictures and no stats to go with them, all we can assume (and you know what that means) is that the X-M1 will be a cheaper, more accessible option for amateur photographers looking to pick up a few of the options from the brand's X-Series line, including an articulating display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a more complex control scheme. It's said that the body-only price will be about $600, which houses a 16-megapixel X-Trans sensor that will work with a great line of Fujinon lenses. If the rumors on pricing and expected specs are true, you can bet you'll see many people cheesin' in front of this model soon.

via: gizmodo