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Jay-Z - "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Tracklist Uncovered in Scavenger Hunt

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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Jana Fleishman, publicist for Jay-Z, had Hova enthusiasts scouring Brooklyn for clues on the forthcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail track listing. Obviously, the clues were distributed via Twitter, where followers could hunt down Jana at 15 locations across BK. At each site was a book containing one track title.

The album is slated to drop next week on the Fourth of July. For those of you too busy for a weekend hunt, the track listing is below.

Tracklist for Magna Carta Holy Grail

01. “Picasso Baby”
02. “Heaven”
03. “Versus”
04. “Tom Ford”
05. “Beach Is Better”
06. “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”
07. “Oceans”
08. “F.U.T.W.”
09. “Part II (On The Run)”
10. “BBC”
11. “La Familia”
12. “Jay-Z Blue”
13. “Nickles & Dimes”
14. “Holy Grail”
15. “Open Letter”

via: StereoGum