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Supreme Dropped $10 Million Lawsuit Against Married To The Mob

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A resolution has been reached to end an episode that certainly "ruffle many feathers" within the streetwear culture. Filed on June 17th, Supreme and owner James Jebbia officially dropped their $10 million lawsuit against label Married to the Mob, one of the first female-centric streetwear label, and its proprietor Leah McSweeney. The public first learned of the lawsuit when McSweeney asked her MTTM fans for support back in May of this year. At the heart of Supreme's claim against her and her label was a Married to the Mob "Supreme Bitch" graphic tee, printed in the style of Supreme's box logo design.

While permission was given at first, James Jebbia initially thought the design would be on a one-off t-shirt line only. However, Married to the Mob reused the graphic numerous times afterward and appointed it on a variety of products. This led to some warnings from Jebbia and  finally a copyright infringement claim of $10 million dollar in April against McSweeney, which in turn kicked off one of the most notable he said she said feud in streetwear. With the notice to United States District Court - Southern District of New York, both sides reach some sort of settlements out of court and voluntary dismissed all complaints and counterclaims.