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Vinylize - Old Vinyl Turned into Eyewear

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Looking for the perfect gift for your musically-inclined, but visually impaired buddy? Check out these new specs by Vinylize, which the brand constructed using old vinyl records. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this set of 6 glasses are stylish - ranging from classic to a tres chic - each made out of the records that we all used to have laying around in stacks before music storage became almost invisible. On top of the good looking frames, the cases for the glasses are made of seven-inch singles with a sewn-on zipper, rounding out the perfect option for someone looking for a new way to stand out. The sunglasses can be bought online now via the Budapest-based brand's online shop for about $440 each, but if you want a pair for spectacle use, they ask you to inquire them directly. Even if these aren't your cup of tea, taking a moment to see how each pair is handcrafted in the video after the click if well worth your time.

via: gizmag