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Clarks Sportswear Tumbler Trail - Fall 2013

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Similar to the previously mentioned Track Race, the Clarks Sportswear Tumbler Trail also harks back to a vintage design, the Clarks Camaro. Essentially sneakers designed for winter, Clarks Camaro addressed the cumbersome nature of winter footwear, long before there was the descriptive term of "winterized." For Fall 2013, Clarks Sportswear updated much of the materials while left its appearance intact. Instead of a button closure, the stash pocket now fashions a magnetic one. Designers also added independent webbings and heel notch to improve fit and stability. Finally, a new cupsole by Vibram further enhance the shoe's comfort.  The Clarks Camaro-inspired Tumbler Trail will be available in a variety of colors this Fall as part of Clarks Sportswear Collection.