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Sony Launches the SmartWatch 2 - A New Android-Powered Smart Watch

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Sony has introduced the follow-up to last year's SmartWatch, prosaically named the SmartWatch 2. The Android-powered device retains the functionality of the original and improves upon it by adding a number of new features: onboard NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 for easy pairing to your Android phone; a larger 1.6-inch touch display featuring better visibility outdoors; an aluminum body designed to be dust and water resistant; improved user interface; and more pre-installed and recommended apps. Sony claims the battery life is the longest of any smartwatch on the market, rated at four days with moderate use. It recharges with a standard microUSB port, and comes equipped with a 24mm stainless steel wristband. The SmartWatch 2 will be available starting in September of this year.


via: The Verge