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Heel Bruise & Stussy "Under the Radar" Exhibition | Event Recap

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The fourth installment of the traveling art show, Under The Radar, opened in Chicago this past weekend, coinciding with the annual skateboarding event, Go Skateboarding Day 2013. Held inside the inconspicuous space building that is AAA and curated by Heel Bruise and Stussy, the event showcased various works by participating photographers, such as Trash Hand, David Robinson, Sara Sani, Marfa Capodanno, Robbie Jeffers, Lance Mountain, Curtis Buchanan, Nic Fensom, Frank Verges, Sam Smyth, and Andy Mueller. Unfortunately, this was a one-night only event, so you will not be able to go and check it out. However, scroll down the page to check out photos of the opening party in the following pages.