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Jay-Z and Samsung Release New “One to Many” Commercial

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The Jay-Z / Samsung collaboration continues to pick up steam as we rapidly approach the 4th of July, and with yesterday's release of the "One to Many" commercial it's hard not to get caught up in all the fun Hova seems to be having with his latest project.

In the audio overlay of Hov's jovial documentary of the production process, we hear him explain, "We need to write the new rules, you know, for what's going on right now." And his new rules are poised to change the game, especially in the realm of delivering his finished project to the masses in one fell swoop.
Samsung, Jay-Z's partner in this massive undertaking, has the exclusive distribution rights to the Magna Carta app, and will release the album on July 4th, 72 hours before releasing it to the general public. The catch is that only the first million Galaxy III, Galaxy IV, and Note II owners that download the app will be eligible for the early release.

The app is free to download at Sorry iPhone and Windows phone users, you'll have to wait like everyone else.

And as you prep for next week's drop, check out the "One to Many" commercial below.

"There's gonna be some good picnics on this July 4th."