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Impossible Instant Lab | Available on August 29th

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In case you didn't catch wind of the Impossible Instant Lab when we previewed its goal-destroying run on Kickstarter last September, there's still time to get in ahead of this gadget. The Impossible Instant Lab is a fun link between the photography technology of decades gone by with the instant snapping ability of iPhone and iPod Touch devices, allowing you to print out your digital pictures into actual Polaroid-type instant photos. It's a simple process that just requires the battery-powered device, an app, your picture and - voila - you have an instant physical picture. Today, the company announced that the device will be hitting the stores beginning August 29th with a sticker-price of $299, which definitely puts it in the high-end for a novelty product, but the technology and design definitely warrants its time in the spotlight. See and learn more at the Impossible Instant Lab homepage and in the video after the click.

Release Date: August 29, 2013 (Thursday)

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