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Poppy - Turn Your iPhone into a 3D Camera

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When we were kids, we all imagined our plastic toys turning into high-tech gadgets, capable of pretty remarkable things. Well, it seems that a couple of Seattle entrepreneurs have done just that, taking the rough form of the instantly-recognizable Fisher Price View-Master and turning it into a device that makes any iPhone a 3D camera. It's called Poppy, and its essentially a compact box that contains lenses and mirrors that, when aligned with your the lens of your iDevice, combine the right and left eye streams into a single 3D video. The images can then be transferred to YouTube, its associated iOS app, or played on a 3D tv. The best part? It's battery-free, working using optics and your iPhone and has been tested at weddings, sporting events, and pretty much everywhere in-between. You can even watch existing 3D videos through it, all in full color. As of now, Poppy is roughly halfway to their goal of $40,000 with production expected to begin in October. Learn more at their Kickstarter page and after the click.