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Sneaker Con Miami – Saturday, June 29th, 2013 | Event Reminder

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Boy does the summer just fly by. It seems like just yesterday that we were scouring the venue in Atlanta for the latest kicks and that one set to round-out our collection. (But, that's probably because it was actually two weeks ago.) Just in case you couldn't make it or if you couldn't get enough, the Sneaker Con train will stop yet again in the 305, taking over the entire Bank United Center at the University of Miami; a host gracious enough to allow us and the expected 10,000 pairs of sneakers in for a big day of buying, selling, and trading. And, coming off the heels of the Heat's big win, you can expect the buzz to be even hotter, so bring your A-game and your A-kicks. Detailed info is below and after the click.

Sneaker Con Miami Bank United Center University Of Miami 1245 Dauer Drive | Map Miami, Fl 33146

Event Date: June 29th, 2013 (Saturday) | Noon - 7 pm EST