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DEVON - Tread 1 Exoskeleton Watch

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Like someone suffering from the effects of attention deficiency disorder, designer Scott Devon dabbled in everything. First, there was the Devon GTX super car, a prototype he had hope would take on the best from Italian and German automakers. Then, there was Devon Denim, a high-end denim collection that garnered an enviable celebrity clientele list, including Jamie King, Rashida Jones, and Jamie King. However, it was his first signature timepiece, the Tread 1, which finally led Devon to one of his initial goal - a way to showcase the best of American artisan craft and ingenuity.

Driven by DEVON's patented Time Belts movement, the Tread 1 tells time through criss-crossing numerals on a series of belts and lubricant-free pulleys. Governed by four micro motors, a microprocessor, with power from lithium polymer rechargeable cell, to ensure accuracy. Being that it is a design by Scott Devon, even the battery charging process, done through wireless induction, is a unique experience. Initially encased in stainless steel plus layers of sapphire crystals and polycabonate composite, DEVON "opened up" the original design even further with the introduction of Tread 1 Exoskeleton. Now in polished gold or silver, with numeral belts in corresponding color, DEVON added more polycabonate to the skeletonized casing to put the the watch’s intricacy on full view.

Extremely limited in availability, interested parties should contact DEVON and its DEVON WORKS design studio for ordering information. In the meantime, see how this most unique timepiece functions in a promotional video after jump.