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Footpatrol x Jason Markk - Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit

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Fashioned after Victorian-era glass bottle container for poison, the new creation from Jason Markk resembles more like a centuries-old Dopp kit than cleaning solutions for sneakers. A collaborative effort by Markk for London's premier sneaker store, Foot Patrol, and its Footpatrol private label, the Footpatrol x Jason Markk - Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit includes details any history buff would appreciate. In addition to the fore-mentioned 4 oz. cleaning solution, the amber-colored bottle also comes with a glass dropper applicator and labels in vintage styling. You will also find the same vintage-type font on the dark walnut handle of Markk's signature cleaning brush, now laser-etched with "Jason Markk In Assoc. with Footpatrol" instead and a co-branded microfiber towel.

Similar to all other Jason Markk products, the special edition comes in a miniature sneaker box, though now with a reclaimed wood appointment and a "gas mask cross bones" inset in black foil as references to Foot Patrol's store decor. For friends and family, Markk and Foot Patrol enlisted the help of GOOD WOOD, the originator of real wood accessories, to create a mini wood crate box for the pack. While the 50 or so "friends and family" edition will be an exclusive, the Footpatrol x Jason Markk - Premium Sneaker Cleaning Kit will be available worldwide, with a limit of 1000 kits only.

To mark the launch this weekend, the Jason Markk team will be in-store at Foot Patrol tomorrow to offer complimentary sneaker cleaning. In addition, a special wooden keychain, featuring Markk's mascot Purp Norris wearing the Foot Patrol gas mask, will be given to each purchase. Please visit Foot Patrol's web site for more information.

Foot Patrol
80 Berwick Street | Map
W1F 8TU, London England

Event Date: June 29th, 2013 (Saturday) | 1 pm - 4 pm