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James Bond 007 Lotus Esprit Submarine Car Headed to Auction

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There are countless badass moments in the James Bond 007 series, ranging from a 14-karat gold-covered woman, a sky-diving fist fight to a train-hopping chase and even Bond defibrillating himself. One of the stand-out moments involving vehicles (again, there are many), has to be Roger Moore's Lotus Esprit submarine car from the 1977 film, "The Spy Who Loved Me." Yes, it's no Aston Martin DB5, but just one look at the car is immediately linked to the franchise. It took seven different models to completely shoot the scene that transformed the Lotus into a sub, with only one of those actually capable of gliding through the water, which was created by Perry Submarines. This particular version is now being put-up for auction via RM Auctions in London on September 8 and 9, putting it back in the spotlight after years of just sitting in storage in Long Island, N.Y. after first being bought for $100,000 back in 1989. However, it's a safe guess that it will go for far more when the hammer finally falls on this iconic piece of Bond history.

via: autoblog