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adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

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The adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott - Fall/Winter 2013 collection is out and making a statement. Leave it to American designer Jeremy Scott to create tracksuits that demand attention, with dear Cupid floating against a hypnotic black and white print, raincoats covered in white and pink flowers, and puffy jackets splashed with a camo pattern of orange, yellow, green, and pink colors. Even though the designs were made to be unisex, there are slight details made to each gender-specific look that skirt the androgynous card: for the men, the shoulders are wider, jackets a bit longer, and the pants are baggier around the waist; for the women, there are matching raised-heel sneakers, form-fitting dresses, and cropped jackets. Amongst the most zany of Scott’s designs in this collection are the reversible jacket (flowers on one side, stripes on the other), the slashed hoodie, and a super-tight biker’s leotard in a swirl of hot pink and neon yellow.