Anki Drive


Anki makes remote controlled toy cars, but the San Francisco-based startup doesn't see itself as a toy company. Instead, they view their miniature Anki Drive motorized cars -- which are controlled by iPhone -- as a major step in the field of consumer robotics. Each Anki car is powered by two motors and features a 50-MHz processor, as well as an onboard optical sensor which can record the car's location 500 times a second. The particular bit of technology is made possible with the racetrack -- a rollup mat containing positional information optically encoded onto its surface, which is picked up by the sensor and transmitted back to the user's iPhone via a Bluetooth Low Power wireless module. The Anki Drive app -- available for free on iTunes -- then sends new trajectories to each car several times per second, meaning users can allow the cars to race around the track autonomously. Expect Anki Drive to launch this holiday season for $200.




via: Gizmag