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Space Expedition Corporation x LUMINOX SXC Space Collection | Preview

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With millions of dollars in potential profit on the line, space tourism is about to kick into the stratosphere when Space Expedition Corporation's Lynx II rocketplane lifts off from Spaceport Curacao in 2014. Such achievement is possible thanks in part to the generous financial support from watch maker LUMINOX. Already pride its as the supplier to US NAVY SEALs and pilots of the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighters, LUMINOX is vying for a spot to be the official timepiece of space tourism. Working in conjunction with Space Expedition Corporation (SXC), LUMINOX developed the SXC Space Collection, a timepiece line specifically designed for the occasion. A total of four variants will be available, each to feature Swiss-made Analog-Digital movement like this Pilot Professional Chronograph. Made with lightweight titanium, the collection also features branding of both LUMINOX and SXC. More details on the individual watch and the collection as a whole are expected in the coming months.

via: Aquire