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Star Wars' Boba Fett Original Screen Test From 1978

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Even today, Star Wars fanatics can learn something new about their beloved movie franchise. That's the lesson contained in this 1978 video that shows an early version of Boba Fett interacting with sound designer Ben Burtt. Duwayne Dunham, assistant film editor on The Empire Strikes Back, donned the Joe Johnson-designed costume for the video clip, the get-up appearing virtually all white in the black and white film. Notwithstanding the mysterious bounty hunter saw precious little screen time in Empire and Return of the Jedi, the character is one of the most popular in Star Wars lore. The video sheds new light on the multitude of features on Boba Fett's prototype costume, replete with a Star Wars beach towel acting as a makeshift cape. Enjoy the clip below.