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Jay-Z and Samsung Release New "Holy Grail" Commercial

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Just in case you're doubting Blue Ivy's dad's ability to put a pen to a pad ahead of the July 9 wide release of his Magna Carta Holy Grail album, the man himself is here again with another deep look into the meaning behind his latest work. Joining the other co-released videos with Samsung, including the "Oceans" commercial we previewed earlier today, Jay-Z reveals just one of the many themes woven into the high-profile launch, giving two very different perspectives on success (with the help of a sturdy, reassuring head-nod from Rick Rubin). Because Samsung users were able to get a hold of the album yesterday, many of the other themes in the album have already begun to circulate around the internet, including Hova questioning his faith in God, his fears about becoming a dad, and his own identification with Kurt Cobain, but getting the opportunity to see him parley such complex themes with such lyrical finesse is always amazing to watch. See what we mean after the click.