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Ziphius - The Aquatic Drone

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With summer upon us, Ziphius is the perfect companion for your upcoming trek to the beach, trip out on the lake, or even your neighborhood pool party. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Ziphius is an "app-controlled aquatic drone" capable of swimming around to play catch, take pictures or videos of your aquatic adventures, explore around on its own, or even fetch you a beer all via smartphone or tablet controls in real-time. Ziphius comes in several different colors (including an adapter to hold a drink) and, like a pet, it expresses its own emotions and can even show its autonomous behavior, like playing games with you. In terms of specs, it can go about 300ft (depending on conditions), can upload media to social networking sites, and it packs a 160-degree tilt-angle HD Camera that lets it see above and below the water (a LED flashlight helps to record at night or in dark waters). The project is just over a third of the way toward their $125,000 goal, with about two weeks to go, so if you want in on the latest water-borne gadget before the Jones', head to their main site to learn more.