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Grand Theft Auto V – Official Gameplay Trailer | Video

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Grand Theft Auto, despite its reputation, has grown up alongside its dedicated fan base, evolving from a game of unabashed violence, theft, and just all-around chaos into a series with a really solid storyline. Just a look at the latest Official Trailer, which was just released by Rockstar yesterday, reveals almost 5 full minutes of gameplay introducing a pretty complex and realistic world that players will get to explore through the lives of the latest characters. Based in SoCal, GTA V actually features three main supposed 'heros': Michael, a bank robber turned family man; Franklin, an all-around street hustler; and Trevor, who is left to be rather mysterious. In addition to getting to drive and fly the latest vehicles, you can also enjoy a complex plot full of increasingly tough missions that reward you with the ability to - well, let's just say - enjoy yourself to the fullest. From the looks of it, you can even get in a relaxing hunting trip or watch some babes do yoga. Grand Theft Auto V is set to release September 17 for PS3 and Xbox 360, with pre-order available now.

Release Date:  September 17, 2013 (Tuesday)