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Kanye West - "Black Skinhead" | Video

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A leaked, unfinished version of Kayne West's - ahem "Yeezus" - "Black Skinhead" video was leaked onto the internet. And, almost as quickly as it sent a buzz throughout the web, it was gone. West himself entered into the discussion via his Twitter feed with a harsh response to whoever released the three-minute clip, which was shot in black and white in a video game-esque CGI. In it, you could see the computer generated, shirtless West stand-in bouncing around to the beat of the heavy-metal tune that will serve as the first single from the album. Before the video was pulled down, it was generating more questions about its true stage in the production process given West's knack for perfection, but West's quick response and his labels intervention immediately stomped out any potential sparks that would lead to further distribution. Needless to say, expect more to follow on this story. In the meantime, you can read about a more polished Kanye West collab with French brand A.P.C. in our preview here.via: billboard