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Squito: A Throwable Panoramic Camera Ball

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On-the-field camera technology has been able to provide us with some pretty amazing footage of touchdowns, goals, and plays, but it's always from a distance. However, designer and inventor Steve Hollinger, looks to change that with Squinto, a throwable panoramic camera ball. Although there is obviously still a long way to go until we see this sort of technology in the professional arena, he's definitely onto something here: the device uses a number of position and orientation sensors to process images in-flight into a smooth, single picture. Even as it spirals through the air, all you see is a straight-forward shot of the flight stitched together automatically. Hollinger released the following video to help spur further innovation and collaboration from other brands, but don't be surprised if you see this technology used outside of sports, including perhaps search and rescue missions.  Learn more and watch the tennis ball-sized Squito in action after the click. Oh, and don't even begin to act like this isn't cool. Hats off to this guy.