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Daft Punk "Get Lucky" Condoms Mystery

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Anyone following Diplo on Instagram probably spotted his photo a few days ago of the "Get Lucky" themed condoms complete withDurex branding. Unfortunately for Daft Punk fans looking to put in some extra work harder, faster and stonger, it's unlikely that you'll be picking these up at the local drug store.

In a statement to MTV, a Durex rep explained, "We are aware of reports that Durex has launched Daft Punk branded condoms following their hit single 'Get Lucky'. There is no Durex promotion or partnership with Daft Punk in the U.S. or any other markets and Durex is not posting free packs to the world's top DJs as suggested. However, we do hope that by using Durex condoms, music-lovers will continue to make sweet music together and have great sex!"

At this point no one is certain where Diplo scooped up the condoms, but Sony Music Belgium posted a picture of the same product at a festival last week. So they are real. They're just not Durex. And you're not going to see them at the counter. But maybe if you're hitting the festival circuit this summer you might Get Lucky.