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Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hour Watch

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Harry Winston has never been a brand known for its subtlety-- that is, until now. Behold the elegant sophistication of the Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon Jumping Hour Watch: A limited edition timepiece that reveals just what you need to see (and keeps the rest of its mechanics a mystery). Shrewdly designed within a case of 45.6mm x 13.2mm in either white or rose gold, the jump hour indicator is suspended above the movement plate by four steel bridges and the minute hand (read: minute wheel) keeps time with an inconspicuously tiny red arrow. The dial is constructed out of black sapphire and cleverly conceals the tourbillon that ticks beneath. As far as details go, the model is a Harry Winston Caliber 4401 and boasts twin barrels and 110 hours of power reserve. Flip the watch over and the brilliant inner workings are revealed to you, along with its snazzy blue and purple rivets. If this isn't worth a couple hundred grand, then we don't know what is.