Nike Tailwind 12 Sunglasses


With years of research supporting some of the industry's top athletic apparel and equipment, Nike has made sure not to forget your eyes with the release of these Nike Tailwind 12 Sunglasses. For these high-tech specs, the Swoosh teamed up with Transitions Optical - a leading name in performance lenses - to create glasses that feature Nike MAX Transitions Speed Tint, which adjust their converge with changes in lighting conditions (from 13% tint to 49.7%). The frames are also the pinnacle of design, being super lightweight and molded to hold the lenses in a "flying" position that helps to reduce fogging and enhance viewing from wider angles than traditional set-ups. And, as expected, Nike has even tuned these to work for serious athletes, with secure-wrap temple arms and cam-action hinges that lock into place as you move, no matter how long you're at it. Available now at Nike retailers and online with an optional Rx lens adapter and in several colorway options.