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Deltron 3030 Teams Up With Joseph Gordon Levitt - "Stardate"

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13 years, 4 months, and 8 days. That's how long it will have taken for Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Dan the Automator, and Kid Koala to follow up on the always planned, but never executed sequel to 2000s alternative hip hop space odyssey, Deltron 3030, which released May 23, 2000.

If you've been anticipating this release for the past decade, like most fans have, it was a glorious day when "City Rising From The Ashes" was released a few months ago. And it wouldn't have been surprising if it was a tease that led to a prolonged absence of the trio (again!). But Wednesday, the OfficalDELTRON YouTube channel released "Stardate", Event IIs intro, spoken to some familiar tunes by Joseph Gordon Levitt. The track follows the theme of Deltron 3030, prepping listeners for a futuristic voyage, and concludes with a release date. The album will officially drop on October 1, 2013.

That's not all. The track list has been released with an eclectic group of contributors (to name a few: Zach De La Rocha, The Lonely Island, and David Chang), which you can check out below. And in anticipation of the album the City Rising From The Ashes EP will release on August 13.

Hope you're ready for the voyage.

Deltron 3030, Event II track list:

1. "Stardate" (feat. Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
2. "The Return"
3. "Pay the Price"
4. "Nobody Can" (feat. Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION)
5. "Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 1" (feat. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
6. "Melding of the Minds" (feat. Zach De La Rocha)
7. "The Agony" (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
8. "Back in the Day" (feat. The Lonely Island)
9. "Talent Supersedes" (feat. Black Rob)
10. "Look Across the Sky" (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
11. "The Future of Food" (feat. David Chang)
12. "My Only Love" (feat. Emily Wells)
13. "What Is This Loneliness" (feat. Damon Albarn and Casual)
14. "Lawnchair Quarterback Pt. 2" (feat. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn)
15. "City Rising From the Ashes" (feat. Mike Patton)
16. "Do You Remember" (feat. Jamie Cullum)