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BMW M3: Evolution Over the Years | Video

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The fact that the last BMW M3 Coupe rolled off of the production line last week has tapped a bit of a nostalgic cord among car fans and, well, anyone with a pulse. For the last thirty years, the luxury-sports car has become been the goal of many drivers to obtain, that began with the E30, E36, and through to the E90 3 Series; always providing an experience that true drivers could feel good about without simultaneously destroying their wallet. Ultimately, the M3 helped to shape not only BMW, but also their competitors, who all have tried to follow suit over the years with a production car that had such true inherit style and finesse. So, with this milestone in the M3's life, just how has it changed over the years? Marc Norris and the BWS Motorsports team have got together to walk through the evolution of its body and power and gives us a taste of what's to come from its possible successor. Continue after the click to view and let's all just try to move on together.