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Nike Free Flyknit - Officially Unveiled

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Whenever Nike designers talked about the Nike Flyknit, they almost always marveled at the design's near limitless potentials. We finally see that today as they unveiled the Nike Free Flyknit. Debuted first during the Nike Summer Nights presentation in China last night, the Nike Free Flyknit is an amalgamation of two cutting-edge designs - the Nike Flyknit upper and the Nike Free sole.

Nike Free Flyknit is the ultimate expression of natural performance principles, combining a supportive, sock-like upper and a flexible midsole and outsole that move with the body,” says Sean McDowell, Creative Director for Nike Running. “The compression fit brings the foot closer to the sole for enhanced lockdown and propulsion.”

Closing in on the design goal of a footwear that mimics the natural motions of standing, walking, and running, both the Flyknit upper and Free platform provide a full range of flexibility and cushioning. With the help of data points from biomechanics research, both systems work as one yet independently adjusting to conditions. Because of its knitted one-piece upper and articulated outsole, the Nike Free Flyknit isn't just light but lessen the impact of byproducts from its production.

One of the most innovative footwear design since the Nike Flyknit, the Nike Free Flyknit comes in sizes for both men and women. All set to be available through plus retailers with Nike Running and/or Nike Sportswear accounts worldwide starting on August 1st. You can also pre-order now at

Release Date: August 1st, 2013 (Thursday)