Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, the Oven is Nike Golf‘s state-of-the-art R&D facility, where industry-leading designers and engineers work with Nike Golf athletes to create the brand’s precision golf clubs.  According to David Franklin, Master Model Maker, the Oven name plays off of Nike’s Innovation Kitchen in Beaverton, Oregon, while also giving the nod to the facility’s humble beginnings (no AC meant interior temps sometimes reached 105 degrees). The tour includes a look at the Grind Shop, the room that sets Nike Golf apart from its competitors.

This is where direct feedback from Nike tour athletes is used to create what are essentially works of art. Master clubmakers painstakingly carve raw forgings into clubheads to match the specific needs of tour players, which are then used as a base for producing clubs for the mass market. Check out the video for a glimpse into what’s cooking inside the Oven.