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Nike Flyknit Prototypes

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The dilemma is almost as old as shoes themselves: make them feel as if the wearer wasn't even lacing up a pair at all. That's quite a tall order. But, as we well know, Nike's designers have been on the case for some time now, beginning with the 1980's attempt at the flimsy mesh sneaker called the Sock Racer that - although it was a literal flop - was a key part of the Swoosh getting to where they are today with the 5.6 ounce Flyknit runner. Made from synthetic yarn expertly and precisely woven together by a knitting machine, the Flyknit is a blockbuster product, to say the least. With their Innovation Summit underway, Nike is giving us a look into the development of the now famous sneaker, including early prototypes that combine the technology with the Lunar midsole. A simple enough concept, but one that has definitely proved hard to execute, see how Nike went about it in more detail after the click.

via: crookedtongues