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LEGO x "Back to the Future" Set | Release Info

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Unless you've already jumped to the future in your own time machine, the rest of us had to actually count down the days until Lego released their highly-anticipated Back to the Future Delorean Set. We first caught wind of this offering last December, when we brought you a few sample pictures of what LEGO was up to. At the time, we were hoping that the ultimate design would be that good. But, LEGO is never one to disappoint their block-heads, dropping an even more detailed and complex take on the iconic car with amazing abilities. While the character line isn't as wide as we first previewed, the box set does come with a Marty McFly and a Dr. Emmet "Doc" Brown and a host of details inspired by the movie. The set was actually a fan-submitted model, featuring a Flux Capacitator, a time display tile, and a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and comes with enough pieces for fans to create three different model designs. So, go ahead and set your calendars for August 1 for the global release, although visitors to the LEGO booth as the San Diego Comic Con can get first dibs this week. 

Release Date: August 1, 2013 (Thursday)