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Ford F-150 "Bat Truck" | By Galpin Auto Sports

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George Barris built the first Batmobile in 1965 using the body of a Ford Futura concept car and parts from a hardware store, immediately propelling Barris to legend status among custom car designers. Almost 50 years later, Barris' grandson Jared is paying tribute to the original with a custom Bat-themed creation of his own. Utilizing a 2012 Ford F-150 and built by Galpin Auto Sports, this custom designed Bat Truck -- dubbed The Crimefighter -- features a tuxedo black paint job with Ferrari red accents that echo the first Batmobile, complete with rakish fins on each side of the truck bed. Best of all, if you feel like fighting crime in a vehicle that has plenty of space to haul criminals to the police station, Galpin Auto Sports is taking orders on the custom truck.



via: Autoblog