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Bo Clothing - Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

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Before the term "street wear" was prevalent, people like Tony "Bo" Chan helped to bridge the gap between sub-culture cool and mainstream taste. With his New York City storefront SWISHNYC, Chan, along with help from art director Bill McMullen, created an early archetype which many streetwear shops have followed since. That was back in 1992. After a brief hiatus with stints as a DJ, restauranteur, and everything in between, Chan decided to jump back to the rag trade once again with the creation of Bo Clothing. Similar to his original premise for SWISHNYC, Chan brought together several contrast themes in his new label. With obvious design influences from Americana and rustic woodsman appeal, silhouettes are slightly larger like those found on streetwear. They also translate to ideal fits for layering in colder weather.

Limited in availability at this time, you will find Bo Clothing's Fall and Winter Collection in Atrium NYC, Atrium Brooklyn, Reed Space, and NOS DUMBO during the coming months. You will also find it available, along with the current Summer collection, through its online store at