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Lacoste by Peter Saville

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When it comes to iconic apparel logos, there are few that can stand alongside Lacoste's legendary crocodile. But, when it came time to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the French brand, Lacoste decided to allow a little creative freedom with the small stitched creature, giving English artist and graphic designer Peter Seville free reign to reinterpret its design. All while keeping with a white polo and green color for the gator, Seville clearly had fun coming up with new ways to show the iconic animal using everything from a crazy scribble, to straight lines, dots, blurs, and blots that will be featured on a series of very limited edition polo shirts. A total of 160 shirts were created for display - 80 for men and 80 for women - and will ultimately be for sale at leading Lacoste retailers around the world for about $547 each, beginning November 15. A wider release with more limited design options - eight to be exact - will also be produced and sold at Lacoste stores around the world under the No8 range label this fall. 

via: designweek