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The Simpsons and Family Guy Appearing Together

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In an upcoming episode of FOX's Family Guy, two of the best cartoon comedy franchises are set to finally meet face-to-face in what will be a historic (yes, this is tv history) crossover show with The Simpsons. While we'll have to wait quite some time before the full Family Guy episode, which is set to air this Fall 2014, FOX is already busy promoting the episode using each show's main spokesmen. Family Guy's Peter Griffin was quoted as saying, "FOX hasn't spent this much money since they took Simon Cowell tight t-shirt shopping," while Homer Simpson noted, "Finally I can get my hands on this guy!" All we know of the plot is that the two families meet when the Griffins end up in Springfield, but the families will get the chance to know each other throughout the whole show. The Simpsons have had plenty of highlights over their 25 year run and the same goes for Family Guy, which is entering its 11th season, but this collaboration is sure to be a doozy. Stay tuned for more on this one.

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