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Parley for the Oceans Hosted by Pharrell Williams | Video

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During the Premium trade show in Berlin, Pharrell Williams hosted the summit by Parley - for the Oceans. Attendees took in constructive and forward-thinking discussion regarding waste, in particular plastics, in our vast oceans. Not only the sea a very integral part of our ecosystem, it is the livelihood for thousands, if not millions, of lifeforms for billions of years. Raising awareness alongside Williams were Fisher Stevens (producer of The Cove), Fabien Cousteau (ocean explorer and activist), Margareta van den Bosch (creative advisor at H&M), Dianna Cohen (Plastic Pollution Coalition), Graham Hawkes (marine engineer), Roy Vercoulen (Cradle to Cradle Institute), and Safia Minney (People Tree), who spoke on the panel together. Furthermore, Williams brought along Tyson Toussant from Bionic Yarn, aiming to reduce waste and producing quality yarn from recycled plastics. Watch the video below to find out more about what happened at the summit.