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The Electric BMW i3

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The race for the hottest electric car on the streets heats up (in a good way, not a Boeing way) with BMW's introduction of their first series production electric car, the i3. Set to hit showrooms next year and with a $42,275 sticker price, the i3 is the German automaker's strongest weapon against the rise of the Nissan Leaf, Telsa Model S, and Ford Focus Electric. It's built entirely on a newly designed electric-friendly platform made up of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced with plastic to keep its weight down, ultimately with the aim of being an urban commuter-friendly vehicle. It's expected to produce 170-hp through to its back wheels and can go 80-100 miles per charge, which takes just 20 minutes to get to 50% using the public charge station. Despite the fact it lacks one of BMW's signature gas engines, the interior perks remain in the form of luxurious cabin accommodations that are in-line with their current 3-Series sedan. BMW claims it drives just like a true BMW, but something tells us a key part of that experience is the purr of the engine under the hood. Time will tell.

via: carthrottle