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BMW M3 E92 tuned by Alpha-N Performance

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The company is Alpha-N Performance. The canvas is the soon-to-be discontinued BMW M3 Coupe. And the result? One of the most aggressive - and perhaps even one of the final tuned - versions of the existing BMW M3, which the German firm is calling the BT92 4.6. That's a lot of digits to describe what the team did to this Bavarian sports machine, which first hit the streets back in 2007, but it's worth the mouthful. For starters, the team will offer several engine tuning options, including a 4.0-liter V-8 engine that has been bored out to now contain 4.6-liters and the option of upgraded electric control units to help push the horsepower up to 490 and torque to 347 lb-ft. However, it's the external overhaul that is far more apparent with significantly wider fenders, a new hood and trunk, and new side skirts all crafted from high quality carbon fiber. Set to release at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, continue after the click to see perhaps one of the last (and certainly one of the most fierce) tricked out takes on the new M3.

via: WCF