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Since the launch of its Promaster Collection in 1989, timepiece maker CITIZEN been relentless in the introduction of new technologies. Best known for its Eco-Drive, which harnesses any type of light sources and convert them into energy, CITIZEN also added SATELLITE WAVE in 2011, one of the first automatic timekeeping and calibration system with the usage of GPS satellites. And in that same spirit of innovation, CITIZEN will launch a new watch line, the Promaster Eco-Drive ALTICHRON Series.

With the incorporation of an electronic compass and highly sensitive altimeter, all housed behind a thick anti-reflective sapphire crystal and titanium casing at 51.1 mm in diameter, the ALTICHRON watch series is capable telling accurate depth, height, and direction in addition to time. Pre-gauged for a height of 10,000 meters (Mount Everest only reaches 8,848 meters) and depth down to 300 meters, CITIZEN's designers added a final twist to the ALTICHRON. Rather than dispensing information through an LCD readout, all of the necessary data points are now on an analog dial face instead. Color coded beautifully, the multilayer dial and hands present instantly with a push of a button. This do away with the excessive amount of time wasted "flipping" or "rotating" through the numerous screens on the LCD-base navigational watches.

Available in polished or matte titanium case, both comes with index in either feet or meters, the CITIZEN Promaster Eco-Drive ALTICHRON-CIRRUS Watch is set to launch this September through select CITIZEN retailers worldwide.