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Hammacher Schlemmer - The Lean Mean Green Machine

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With this Lean Mean Machine from Hammacher Schlemmer, you'll literally have everyone on the block green with envy. Inspired by the famous plastic three-wheeled toy from the 1970's, Hammacher Schlemmer has actually brought to life what every kid has dreamed of: a gas-powered tricycle that is nine feet long and works with an air-cooled, 80cc Harley-Davidson Evo engine. And, in case you haven't guessed, the front wheel on this green monster is said to be the world's largest motorbike wheel with a diameter of 45". HS claims the bike can reach speeds up to 50mph with a 400 mile range, but with one catch: you'll have to check with your local lwa enforcement to see if this beast is actually street legal. However, something tells us that if you're willing to pay $75,000 for the opportunity to have one of these in your garage and you have the cajones to sit on one, you probably aren't too concerned about that. Rebel intentions aside, this adult-sized trike is available now via Hammacher Schlemmer now. And if you need extra motivation (or if you are just curious), watch a video of the big wheel here.