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Lomography - Petzval DSLR/SLR Portrait Lens

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In a similar manner to how DSLR cameras have revolutionized modern photography, the Petzval lens revolutionized the personal analog camera back in the 19th Century. Originally designed and produced in 1840 by Russian mathematician Joseph Petzval, this lens became the fastest lens of the time, shooting at f/3.7, considerably faster than any other lens on the market. This relatively fast setting meant photos could be taken relatively easily in various light conditions, catapulting commercial photography. Lomography is reviving this high-performance lens by redesigning it from ground up, utilizing 21st Century technology and construction methods. This brand new Petzval lens will be compatible for DSLR and SLR cameras of various kinds, including Canon and Nikon models. Lomography is currently raising funds through Kickstarter, so back this project if you want to see it come to life.