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DJI - The Phantom Quadricopter

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It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a drone?! Nope, it's DJI's Quadricopter, which is a GPS-equipped remote-controlled flyer that is revolutionizing how we think about at-home aerial systems. Specifically called the Phantom, this device is anything but an illusion, arriving with GPS capabilities, a GoPro camera mount, high-intensity LED lights, and an attractive, functional, ready-to-fly design. You control the Phantom with a remote control that allows you to specifically control its flight path within a 10-15 minute time period (with help from their Intelligent Orientation Control) as well as "auto go-home," landing, and hover functionality. The Phantom can travel up to 10 meters/second and is the perfect new tool to help you film or take pictures of events from the air, adding an awesome dynamic to your work. Available now, you can pick up the Phantom Quadricopter from DJI for $679 via the brand's online shop.