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Nike X158 Retail Concept - Shanghai | China

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An important cornerstone in Nike's celebration of Shanghai initiative is to "redress" customers' retail experiences within all of its flagship stores, something it is hoping to achieve in the new Nike X158 Retail Concept. A mix-use space much like the former Nike TPE 6453 in Taipei City, the just opened Nike X158 is on the busy throughway of Xinle Lu (or Xinle Road) and not far from the headquarters of Nike China. Once known as the French Concession, which functioned much like a French colony within the city of Shanghai, the neighborhood is now famous for its European style mansions, cathedrals, and tree-lined avenues. It was also this curious juxtaposition of cultures both new and old, East and West, tradition and creativity, that makes the Nike X168 such an integral part of "Ignite Shanghai"

With the Nike Free Flyknit-inspired "NATURE AMPLIFIED: THE ART+SCIENCE OF FIT + FREEDOM" art exhibition currently on display, the Nike X158 is open to the public now all seven days of the week.

X158 Nike Shanghai
No.158 Xinle Lu | Map
Xu Hui Qu, Shanghai, China

Photography by: Dan for Freshness