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Boombotix | Boombot REX Portable Speaker

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Since the introduction of MP3 players, iPods, and other streaming devices, we've been waiting for something like this. The problem, however, was that we didn't know what it would look like, how it would sound, and just how to shrink down all the components into one functional device. Lucky for us, Boombotix has done all the work for us, releasing their Boombot Rex Portable Speaker. Unlike other gadgets out there, the 3.6" x 3.3" x 1.9" Boombot has the ability to clip onto anything (including its own bike mount), connect wirelessly to a mobile device (for phone calls, music, and Siri/Voice Control), and travel with you without fear of damage from drops or water. Inside the heavily tested ABS shell is a custom tuned 36mm aluminum driver, a bass woofer, and a rechargeable 1000mAh battery. In addition to the ability to make calls and control your music, the Boombot allows you to daisy chain to other speaker devices to increase the sound. The Boombot is initially releasing in Pitch Black, Arctic White, Electric Blue, and Savage Green with additional limited edition colorways on the way. Find it now at and for $119.99.