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PENTAX RICOH GR Digital Camera Customization Program

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When you're a company and in a market long dominated by conglomerates ten times your size, you'll have to imaginative in order to survive. For the recently merged Japanese firms PENTAX RICOH, "customization" was its solution. In addition to its PENTAX Q7 digital point-and-shoot and its 100+ variations of color combos, PENTAX RICOH will be adding the GR model to its customization program as well. Once the "go-to camera" for trendsetters like Hiroshi Fujiwara, the RICOH GR, with is APS-C size CMOS image sensor is still the "gold standard" among professional photographers. Thus, the program for GR will not be offering a technicolor-range of options. Instead, there are leather grips in premium cowhide, snake skin, and crocodile. Other design options include control elements in alternate colors and highlights. As for color of the camera body, you can any so long as it is black.

via: hayabusa