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Sunset Skateboards - Cruiser Skateboard with Illuminating LED Wheels

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Light-up shoes were probably your first introduction to sneaker envy. Every time you took a step in your flashy kicks, the shoes lit up sending a bolt of light throughout the room catching the attention of everyone around. Sunset Skateboards has resurrected this concept with their latest project, which is comprised of a line of transparent cruisers with wheels that light-up when in motion. The boards themselves have weather-proof polycarbonate decks (the same material as bullet-proof glass) that come in a variety of colors and styles, including a blue, yellow, red, green, and ghostly white. The wheels, which you could also buy separately, are fitted with LED lights that are entirely powered by the rolling motion, lasting up to 100,000 hours of riding so you'll never need batteries. You can choose from one of Sunset Skateboards preset designs or you can go ahead and build your own custom wheeler, including selecting your own deck, truck, and wheels. Learn more after the click and at Sunset Skateboards' online site where the boards are available now.